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With over twenty years’ experience of teaching Business English to students from many different sectors and companies, I have developed an approach that can benefit you and your organisation. All my courses are fully-customised to meet you exact needs.

Learn to speak, read, write and understand English for all your business needs.


My teaching is based on sound pedogogical principles. In addition to holding a Cambridge / RSA Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA) and a degree in English Language and Literature from Oxford University, I have also studied linguistics at Masters level at London University. However, the main factor that has influenced my Business teaching has been the practical experience and insights I have gained from teaching professional students in companies ranging from investment banks to insurers, and from advertising agencies to pharmaceuticals.
I use a combination of communicative teaching with more traditional grammar- and vocabulary-based lessons. The advantage of this hybrid approach is that students can both gain a thorough working knowledge of the basic principles of English, while they also benefit from having as much opportunity to practice their communicative skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

A Range of Courses

I offer both individual and group teaching for Business English students who wish to improve their level of English quickly and efficiently. Both courses for individuals and groups are meticulously planned and executed. In the case of individual students, we focus exclusively on those areas on the language that are most relevant for your job and personal needs. For groups, the course is carefully  designed to be of the greatest benefit to everyone in the class. I can also teach people in pairs if that is required.

Course planning

I plan each course meticulously, finding out exactly what the students’ communication needs are and their current language level. I employ specially-developed assessment tests and questionnaires to establish the precise structure and content of the course. For in-company courses I work closely with the Human Resources (HR) department to ensure the course will meet the specific needs of every student. This process includes identifying people’s level and needs and in advising HR on the suitability or feasibility of students attending a particular class.

Curriculum and Content

Depending on the sector you are operating in, and the particular aspects of your company, I will design a course that covers all the main topics and areas relevant to your business. These might include a combination of some or all of the following:

  • Meetings
  • Telephone calls
  • Email
  • Presentations
  • Negotiations
  • Meeting new people
  • Social English
  • and many others…
Whatever your sector  – Finance & Banking, Insurance, Marketing, Retail, Fashion & Design, Advertising, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, etc  – I will create a complete , structured course that focuses on those themes and vocabulary areas that are essential for you to progress in your company, industry and career.


I use a very wide range of materials, including published Business English course books, authentic materials (such as newspaper and trade magazine articles),  multimedia resources (including audio, video and online), as well as supplementary materials that I have developed myself throughout my years of teaching. I can also integrate material provided by students into the course (e.g. reports, presentations and pages from company websites, etc). Over recent years I have developed my use of online resources to support my teaching and I can offer companies the option to have a complete course website, online group and access to fully-customizable online learning platforms. However, the main focus of every class is always on face-to-face interaction: speaking and listening are always the main activities in the class, as well as reading and writing practice.


I provide continuous feedback, based on ongoing assessment, formal tests and my own personal judgement on the performance of each student in the group. At every stage, I am happy to review and adapt the structure and progress of the course in order to ensure that the precise needs of every student are being met. I also provide full documentation for each course, including reports (both on the class and individuals) and recommendations on how the course can be improved or extended.

Main Benefits

By studying with me you will rapidly improve your Business English skills and be able to face work-related situations such as meetings or phone calls with increased confidence. You will also be able to speak more easily with your customers and colleagues on those crucial social occasions where contacts are made and you get to know the people you work with better. My experience and enthusiasm enable me to offer outstanding English courses to companies and professionals who are truly serious about increasing their ability to communicate in the global business language.

Contact Me

If you would like more information about Business English classes or the Communications services I offer, please contact me and I will be happy to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your exact requirements:

Robert Dennis, B.A. (Hons.) (Oxon.)

Tel: (+39) 3470 573 537


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