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I help companies and other organisations communicate clearly and effectively with their customers, clients and stakeholders. In addition to being an experienced copywriter I use extensively all types of social media, including blogs, online social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc and microblogging (Twitter). I can advise you on how to maximise your marketing and communications budget to reach a wider audience. I can also create highly original and engaging campaigns, slogans and content for your existing website or blog.

Communicate effectively with your target audience via the web and print

Talk to the World

The brand image of any company depends as much on written and spoken communication as it does on a logo or design. Being able to project the brand values and benefits of your organization through language is especially important on the web and other digital platforms, a fact often overlooked by many companies. I can help your company speak to the world: by developing a clear, distinctive voice I can help you break through the clutter and enable you to communicate directly with your key target audience in English.

Talk to Italy

I work with a group of trusted translators, interpreters and native-speaker Italian copywriters to help foreign companies reach the Italian market. Whether you require a translation or want to localise your online project or brand communication in Italian, I can help you.


I have helped a wide range of businesses and organizations to develop their communications both in print and online. My clients have included financial consultants, lawyers, recruitment agencies, public sector business-support agencies and government-backed information campaigns for the voluntary sector. I have worked as a copywriter both in the UK and Italy and I have  produced complete solutions for businesses, including content for websites, brochures and publicity material of all kinds, press releases and professionally-written marketing letters.

I also work closely with a number of agencies and consultancies in Italy who specialise in Design and Social Business. These include Reverse and OpenKnowledge.

Gain the advantage

These days, the vast majority of international business communication happens in English. Whether you want to connect with customers via the web, or open up new markets around the world, the key is to do it in English. Well-written, concise prose for any communications format is an invaluable tool that will help you to gain a competitive advantage.

Being based in Milan, the business and communications capital of Italy, I also have the advantage of being ideally located to help companies access the Italian market – in Italian. Ask me for more information about the Italian language services I provide.

Client Focus

Before undertaking any project I establish exactly what your communication goals are and how your message integrates with your global corporate image. I have a lot of experience of re-writing and updating existing material, as well as being able to polish a translation into a piece of real, effective English (or Italian), able to grab the attention of your audience and get your message across successfully.

Let’s Talk

If you would like to make your corporate communications do more, please contact me for an initial meeting to discuss exactly how I can help you. I will happily provide examples of successful campaigns and material I have produced previously, and I can also advise you on how to maximise the benefits of your communications budget without incurring excessive costs.


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